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Dr. Dennis Kolcava

Institute for Political Economy of Public Policy

Vienna University of Economics and Business

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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Political Economy of Public Policy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU for short). My current research addresses (i) how changes in external conditions affect spending trade-off decisions by local governments, and (ii) how to investigate citizens' political preferences using survey-experimental methodologies. My work has been published in disciplinary journals such as the Journal of European Public Policy or the British Journal of Political Science as well as general interest periodicals such as Nature Communications or Nature Sustainability

Download my CV here.

Selected Publications and Working Papers

Untitled graffiti (black and white) on a wall; "a proper citizen, waiting for a better government", GAM - Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino, Italia Photo: Dennis Kolcava
Pražský metronom Letenská pláň Praha, Czechia Photo: Dennis Kolcava

Kolcava, Dennis, Quynh Nguyen, and Thomas Bernauer, "Does Trade Liberalisation Lead to Environmental Burden Shifting in the Global Economy?", Ecological Economics (2019,  Link).

Kolcava, Dennis, Lukas Rudolph, and Thomas Bernauer, "Voluntary Business Initiatives Can Reduce Public Pressure for Regulating Firm Behaviour Abroad", Journal of European Public Policy (2021, 

Kolcava, Dennis, E. Keith Smith, Thomas Bernauer, "Cross-National Public Acceptance of Sustainable Global Supply Chain Policy Instruments", Nature Sustainability (2023, accepted version, review).

Kolcava, Dennis, "Immigration and Local Political Budgeting – Evidence from Swedish Municipalities", Working Paper (2024).

Kolcava, Dennis, Robert Huber, and Thomas Bernauer, "Does Self-Selection into Intormation Treatments Affect Survey Experimental Findings?", Working Paper (2024).

Access my Google Scholar profile here.

Karel Nepraš Bez názvu/Untitled, 1970s Slovanská epopej Zámek Moravský Krumlov, Czechia Photo: Dennis Kolcava

Teaching Portfolio

I teach courses that engage with the following topics (in alphabetical order):
- Comparative Politics
- Economic Globalization and Trade
- Empirical and Experimental Social Research Methodology
- Environmental Politics
- Philosophy of Science
- Political Economy
- Sustainable Development


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